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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  December 27, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we will try to get you help recruit report -- we will try to help you get through it. grab your umbrella before you leave. adam caskey is in the weather center. the rain will start after the morning commute. this is not a good start to your morning when your clicker breaks. the rain will start after the morning drive. it will be about 10:00 a.m. until noon and it will be moderate and heavy at times. 40 degrees in arlington and 39 in lorton. here is your hourly forecast -- 48 will be a high temperature and rain is moderate to heavy especially into the afternoon. today is an indoor day. he will have a stiff wind out of the northwest. partly cloudy to more with gusty winds 40-45 degrees.
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let's look at 270 near father hurley boulevard which is moving pretty well with no delays. we are starting off pretty well on 270 and we will go to an accident reported as you leave the district heading into prince george's county on a 201/kenilworth avenue before you get to route 50. watch out for the outbound. in springfield, things are looking pretty good with volume building to the springfield interchange. the inner loop at 236 as a accident in the right shoulder. voters will cast the first ballot in exactly one week for today. the republicans running for the white house have eyes only on iowa. the state could make or break a few campaigns. it appears to be a three-way
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race. all three of the candidates have pros and cons as they go into the first caucus in the nation. ben eisler is live in the newsroom. the latest challenge has been thrown to newt gingrich. he had a divorce and the court papers show a damaging development. >> i did not get the impression that she was willing to end the maris. >> this divorce remains touchy given allegations that he served as white with papers while she was in the hospital with cancer. mitt romeny has been accused of not being conservative enough. >> i will make it simpler and smaller government. >> the candidate with the most momentum is ron paul who is
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facing allegations about a controversial newsletter that has anti-gay and anti-semitic comments. >> i did not write it. that was 20 years ago in it has been rehashed many times. >> with a wide open field early victories could be pivotal. the latest national gallup poll shows newt gingrich on top with 26% with mitt romney close behind. be sure to stay with abc 7 on air and on line as we go into the election season. log onto and click on the politics tab. a chance to say goodbye to a park police of a third died in the line of duty for a memorial services will begin for sergeant michael boehm. a viewing will be held tonight in burke, virginia. a funeral will be held tomorrow.
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he collapsed and died while working a call near the key bridge. police in richmond are trying to figure out a motive for a kidnapping and double murder. police arrested the suspect yesterday when they say he shot and killed two people in my home and left in a stolen suv with a two-year-old inside. police found a car with the child safe inside hours later. he faces abduction and robbery charges. a pair of a garage fires in frederick county when a call command just before 11:00 last night. minutes later, less than a mile away crews responded to a separate but similar fire. no one was hurt and they're trying to determine if there is any link between the two fires. a disturbing trend for police in d.c. -- police-involved shooting rates soared as last year and now we're more than prince
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george's county. we go live to palmer park. good morning, prince george's county police saw the most significant increase in the number of officer-involved shootings this past year. this is a regional trend. the washington times reports there were 15 officer-involved shootings in prince george's county this year. officers shot and killed eight people compared to one last year. police say the trend is happening in a time when more officers are coming under attack. the shootings reportedly stem from police facing suicidal shooters homicide suspects, and mental health issues. police in d.c. also had more officer-involved shootings. metropolitan police are reporting five fatal shootings this past year compared to none the previous year. in fairfax and montgomery counties the number of officer- involved shootings has stayed the same. thank you.
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drivers in virginia may be getting punished for crimes they did not commit. police and several local suburbs have written ticket for driving without proof of insurance. traffic attorneys said that is not against state law. the commonwealth of virginia, requires drivers to have liability insurance or pay a $500 fee to the dmv. it was a rough night for d.c. sports fans. the wizards lost their caesar -- season opener beside leading 21 at the half. the final score was 90-89. the sabres scored four goals in 14 minutes, cruising to a 4-2 win against the caps. the teams will meet again friday. >> the time is 6:00 06 and 42 degrees. >> holiday sales outlook the after christmas mega-monday could be the cap to a record
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season. >> a good old-fashioned mall brawl inside the nation's biggest shopping center. >>
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>> i am with the pulmonary hypertension association. learn more and that is as online at ph >> i wish i had their energy today.
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a lot of people are heading back to work this morning. time for a check on traffic and weather. it will be a wet day to day get ready for the rain, not this morning but later on especially after the morning commute. you can see the widespread shower action in the midwest down into the southeast. we will see the rain become moderate to heavy by midday and into the afternoon and taper off closer to dinner time tonight. 42 in the district and 38 in martinsburg. i don't anticipate debitors dropping any time more this morning. -- i don't anticipate the temperature is dropping any time this morning. clearing out tonight and dropping into the 30's and tomorrow you will notice the wind. gusty winds out of the northwest and a little bit cooler. the commute is not too bad
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right now. it is a little heavier than it was yesterday. it is looking pretty good of 395 to the 14th street bridge and volume is lighter than the normal commute. on the beltway at university boulevard, everything looks good. we are starting to see more volume from college park to silver spring but we are still moving at a good clip on the outer loop. it is usually an extremely slow but not today. in springfield, we are looking good. the inner loop of the beltway wants to leave springfield there is an ax and passed 236 which was just cleared away. the minnesota mall of america is a shopping mecca during holiday season. yesterday it turned into a retail nightmare. a huge fight broke out and was caught on tape. people were throwing chairs and
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punches and police blamed the brawl on earlier rumors of gunshots inside the shopping center. they arrested nine people. it is now 6:12 and 40 degrees with rain on the way. >> coming up drew brees makes history. >> plus the economic outlook and how the holiday momentum could carry into the new year. >> heartbreak for a heart transplant patient
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the multimillion dollar connecticut home where people died in a christmas fire has been torn down. the home was found to be on say. two adults and three children died in the sunday fire. two people got out and no word on what sparked that fire. missing 9-year-old indian
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girl is found dead and a neighbor has been charged with her death. he was watching the little girl wentwhen she went missing. he is charged with the murder and is scheduled to be in court today. >> three people died by medical helicopter on a life-saving mission clashed in florida. the chopper was on its way to retrieve a heart. for a transplant. the pilot and the surgeon and a technician died in that crash. investigators are now looking into what exactly caused the helicopter to go down. police are still searching for a man who disappeared while visiting family in our area of. he is legally blind and was last seen on union -- in union station on december 16. he was on his way to alabama and a fellow passenger says amtrak workers told him he had to get off in charlotte and take
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another train to alabama but his family says they were never told about a transfer. some >> thing is wrong. i believe now that the amtrak put him on the wrong train. >> charlotte police say he got off the train there may have returned to d.c. on another train. family members say they have not heard from him. the holiday shopping frenzy is showing no signs of letting of. people are flocking to stores to do their post-christmas shopping. 10% of holiday sales are expected to be run up this week after christmas. yesterday was billed at the park back -- as the third busiest shopping day of the year. stores are offering huge discounts this week. an economic comeback ny 2012 is looking a little brighter. good morning optimism about next year -- top analysts expect
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the u.s. economy to grow slightly faster than it did this year. 2.4% vs. an even 2%. the biggest concerns are unemployment and european problems. christmas day online shopping was up more than 16% from last year and there was a huge increase in sales using mobile devices. those online cells are one reason is a great time to buy a television. the internet deals are forcing a brick and mortar retailers to cut prices and big-name manufacturers are being squeezed by lower costs. gift card sales are expected to hit $28 billion this year. you may get cards that you don't want for it if so you may exchange them at the plastic jungle or give guard rescue website. -- gift card rescue website. >> this is the first day of kwanzaa.
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it is a weeklong celebration dedicated to seven principals in african culture. last night, it was sponsored by little ethiopia, d.c. the time is 6:17 and here is a look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. it will be gray and then, an indoor day-to-day progress of the work week looks pretty agreeable and no big temperature shift. no big storm systems after this one. i have seen new years around here at 70 degrees but it will not be this way. don't get excited. it is looking pretty agreeable. the extended forecast is difficult to pin down because we have a lot of the week systems with bursts of energy moving overhead. it is difficult to accurately time them out far in advance. there could be a brief shower of new year's day but i don't hold
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much stock in that. here's a look at satellite and radar with clouds overhead areas of rain are moving through southwestern virginia and we should see that leading edge of rain moving into d.c. after the morning rush-hour which will become heavy at times into the afternoon and kick out of town around dinner time tonight. that is for the metro area. this is the area of low pressure down to the southwest moving right to washington later on today. a high-pressure system we had yesterday is out over the ocean. we have a cold front to the northwest which will provide colder air for tomorrow. this low pressure system is strengthening. that will give us gusty winds on the backside of this for tomorrow. overall rate for all accumulation today, this is our computer model.
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parts of prince george's county will have about 8/10 of 1 inch. around the beltway, close to 1 inch. southern maryland will have a little bit less. that is a good estimate of what to expect in terms of rainfall accumulation. we are on our way to 48 degrees this afternoon with a light southerly breeze. that wind will gusted to 40 and 45 miles per hour tomorrow. some lighter volume of traffic this morning. we are on the beltway near university boulevard in silver spring. traffic heading toward this is a is the elderly. it is moving at speed today. on the outer loop between college park and silver spring.
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there was an accident northbound on can north avenue after eastern avenue which is moved to the shoulder. that is inbound. everything is open. >> the time is 6:20 and 40 degrees. >> coming up next, we will take a look back at some of the biggest stories from 2011. >> next anderson, one girl's search for her dad at 4:00.
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for the next few days, we are looking back at the year that was and there was a lot of news from mother nature to the war on terror to economic of people. >> the busier never really slowed. here's a look back at the headlines. >> a great earthquake has hit japan. >> there is also tsunami waters. >> it was an incredible tolerance. >> a new concern right now thousands of people are evacuate near the nuclear power plant. >> our prayers are with people in japan. the images of destruction and flooding coming out of japan are simply heartbreaking.
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♪ >> and newborn just two weeks old is alive from the rubble in turkey. >> the reality is -- we need to do much more. >> some money people lost their lives. you cannot replace a life. >> it was one of the deadliest tornadoes in the history of the united states. >> rarely before has a hurricane barreled forward into so many a major -- major american cities. >> no heat, no food, at its october.
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>> we will bring you part two tomorrow. it is so hard to look back when some of those things happen so long ago but it has been a busy year >> the time is 6:25 and we still have half an hour left. >> coming up, facebook to the rescue? how they may have saved a woman's life. >> with the number of police officers under attack, the numbers of officer-involved shootings is on the rise. i will have that story coming up. >> we are tracking a storm system moving our way which will bring areas of rain and i will time out for you.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead at 6:30, only seven days of campaigning left before america's the voters pick a presidential candidate. the republican race is as unpredictable as ever. it is tuesday december 27. many of you are heading back to work and we feel your pain. >> we will begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes. tuesday morning and we have clouds that moved overhead and rain showers are not far behind. we will make it through the
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morning commute but this afternoon it will be pretty damned with moderate to heavy rain. temperatures are not that bad. 39 degrees in washington and oxon hill. one location at freezing is cumberland along with berkeley springs, west virginia. for the most part above freezing. the high temperature will be 48 degrees and there is the rain that moves into town later this morning. it will taper off around dinner time tonight. cooler tomorrow and windy. i will have your seven-day forecast coming up. this is the beltway in silver spring. where we see significant delays, we are not seeing them this morning. not everybody went back to work after the christmas weekend.
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it looks pretty awe light so far with the elderly looking good. 270 near father hurley boulevard is moving -- moving smoothly north and southbound. 395 @ shirlington as a smoother ride to the 14th street bridge. . it is hard to believe voters will cast the first ballot of the 2012 election in one week. republicans this morning running for the white house have their eyes on one place, iowa. that state could make or break a few of these campaigns. >> it appears there is a three- way race between mr. romney, ron paul, and newt gingrich. ben eisler joins us with a closer look. it is such a wide open republican field.
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this iowa caucus could be pivotal. ron paul is facing questions about a controversial newsletter which contains anti- semitic and anti-day comment perio. newt gingrich has issues on his divorce. this is a sensitive topic because there are allegations that he served as what the papers while she was in the hospital with cancer. newt gingrich denies that and is focusing on hammering mitt romney for not being conservative enough. romney has released a new ad on how he would improve the efficiency of government. >> i will do something to government. i will make it simpler and smaller and smarter. >> the latest national gallup poll shows gingrich on top and mitt romney close behind. be sure to stay with abc 7
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on air and on line as we head into the elections is in full steam. log on to our website and click on politics. a chance to say goodbye to a park police officer died in the line of duty. memorial services will begin for sergeant michael boehm. a viewing will be held tonight in burke, va. and a funeral will be held tomorrow. he died while working a call near the key bridge. police and richmond are trying to figure out the model for a double murder and kidnapping on christmas eve. authorities arrested a 27-year- old. police say he shot and killed two people inside their home and latin is still an suv with a two-year-old boy inside. police found the car with the child's safe. he faces a abduction and murder charges. the d.c. medical marijuana
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program is one step closer to getting started. the city is preparing to notify people and organizations qualified to grow and dispense the drug. officials have released a final list of 10 cultivation centers and five dispensaries in march. a disturbing trend for police and the d.c. area. new report shows police- involved shooting rate increase this year and nowhere more than prince george's county. good morning, prince george's county police are reporting the most significant increase in the number of police-involved fatal shootings this past year compared to the rest of the dc/metro area. this is a regional trend. there were 15 officer-involved shootings in prince george's county this year. officers shot and killed eight people compared to just one last year. police say the trend is happening at a time when more officers are coming under attack.
6:35 am
the shootings reportedly stemmed from police facing suicidal shooters homicide suspects, and mental health issues. police in d.c. also had more officer-involved shootings. metropolitan police are reporting 5 officer-involved fatal shootings compared to none last year. the number of officer-involved fatal shootings in fairfax and montgomery counties has stayed flat to. . here's a story may be talking about when you get to work. apparently police in virginia punish drivers for a crime they did not commit because it is not actually a crime according to " virginia lawyers weekly." officers have issued tickets for people driving without insurance but that is not against the law. the commonwealth requires drivers to have liability insurance. >> the time is 6:35 and 40
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degrees outside. >> still ahead -- why more than half the republican presidential contenders will not make the virginia ballot. >> a visit with marines on vacation for president obama. >> we will check your traffic and weather every 10 minutes and we will be right back
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>> let's check in on traffic and weather every 10 minutes at 6:39. grab your umbrella because it will be coming out moderate too hard for a period of time this afternoon. the rain is on our doorstep. it is moving into central virginia through roanoke. there is a wide area of red with a lot of moisture. the system is getting wound up so after it passes through our area, we will notice the gusty winds on the back side of it for tomorrow. we will see the rain moved into the metro area after the morning commute. some places will have about 1
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inch of accumulation. tomorrow we will have some sunshine but it will be cooler and windy. no big temperature changes any time soon. friday will be the warmest about 53 and tomorrow and monday will be the coolest. traffic is moving pretty well. we are starting to see some volume as you go down to 70. -- as you go down 270. lighter than usual there and also on the beltway. in the springfield interchange you can see the volume building on the left-hand side of your screen which is northbound. the holiday is over for the time being so we still have restrictions in place. i-395 is not bad up to the 14th street bridge. lighter than usual but that volume is building.
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>> president obama got a surprise during a visit with marines yesterday. the president was posing for pictures with a family when an eight-month old son stuck his hand in the president's mouth. >> he will hear about that forever. >> every girl that comes to the house -- >> we have on video. >> time is 6:41 and up next, >> how facebook helped foil and kidnapping plot in utah. >> a look back at the record night of drew brees. >> abby phillips will
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>> why virginia suddenly has its on primary controversy. the attorney general is calling the common wealth primary ballot embarrassing. >> abbie phillips joins us with a closer look. things are happening. the interesting part of this is that newt gingrich's can pan did not make into the virginia primary and they compared to the reason to the attack on pearl harbor? he has got an unexpected blow. he has used hyperbole to explain it away. he is going after virginia for this. the campaign made a response saying it is unconscionable that the top candidate in the state will not even be on the ballot. for many political observers he
6:45 am
could have made it onto the ballot and gingrich was not organized enough to get enough signatures that were valid in the state to make it on there. >> that is the state he lives and which is embarrassing. does virginia need to rethink about how they do the primary ballot to? ? that is a good point. some people have suggested this is an antiquated way of doing things. if your the front runner, you should be on the ballot. historically virginia has been a grass-roots organizational stage. you have to be there and you have to have offices in the state and people on the ground your ability to get on the ballot should be your evidence of your ability to run in the state. the this primary has been unusual in that the candidates have not spent a whole lot of time in many of these battleground states.
6:46 am
but polls of gotten them on to the front pages. this is an old campaign versus a new campaign and newt gingrich is making that argument that the way the state does it is not good enough these days. >> rick perry is also not on the ballot in the state of virginia. >> that's right that is another case in point that organization matters. >> a good to see you. moving on to more news -- the search is intensifying for a man who visited our area and then disappeared. >> was last seen at union station on december 16 before he boarded an amtrak this train to alabama. once on board, amtrak workers told him he had to get off in charlotte and take another train to alabama. charlotte police believe he got off and charlotte and may have returned to d.c. another train but there have been no signs of him. north korea is making final preparations for the funeral of
6:47 am
kim jong il tomorrow. he died of a heart attack on december 17. thousands of mourners are expected to fill the streets of the north korean capital. prince philip is now recovering at home after being discharged from a hospital. he is 90-years old and was taken to the hospital friday after complaining of chest pains and was taken into deal with the blocked coronary. there will be launched at the j.w. marriott hotel between two football teams to face of tomorrow in the military ball at rfk stadium. the wizards lost their season opener to the new jersey nasby's -- despite leading by 21 at the half. the final score was 90-89. the capsule to buffalo for desk to ve -- the caps fell to
6:48 am
buffalo. >> new orleans quarterback drew brees broke the single season passing record with a 90-yard touchdown pass. he threw for 5,087 yards this season and there is one game left. the win over the falcons claimed the nfc title for the and new orleans saints. 10% of holiday sales are expected to be coming in this week after christmas. stores are offering huge discounts and a survey of leading economists says the u.s. economy will grow in 2012 if it is not derailed by the economic upheaval in europe. the survey says unemployment will barely fall from the current rate of 8.6%. time for a look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> anyone go shopping today or
6:49 am
yesterday? >> not yet been you will concede -- you will need umbrella if you go shopping today. we have some areas of rain to talk about. yesterday was a good out door day and today will be a good indoor day especially by this afternoon when the rain comes in. this is from the naval academy and you can see a little bit of a light along the horizon. the sun is up 7:25 a.m. we gain a minute of daylight come tomorrow as we slowly but surely being in daylight over the next several months through the midsummer. 42 degrees in the district and dulles at 40 degrees. gaithersburg is 39 degrees. it is not bad with temperatures.
6:50 am
that is thanks to the cloud cover. clouds act as a blanket during the nighttime hours. the leading edge of the rain moved into central virginia and that will make it to the metro area a little after the morning rush hour. we will see some areas of rain moved into the beltway and taper off after the drive home later tonight. there is the area of low pressure and a cold front off to the north will provide cooler air tomorrow. on the backside of this, there will be gusty winds on our wednesday. here is one of our computer models. this gives us an estimate of what to expect for overall rainfall accumulations. about 1.25 inches near the mason-dixon line. about 1 inch in the rest of the area.
6:51 am
48 degrees will be a high temperature and gusty tomorrow and cooler and no big temperature changes anytime soon. we had a report of a broken down vehicle eastbound on 66 after 50-fair oaks. that will be slowed despite the lighter than usual volume. you want to move over to the left for the time being. we will go over to 270 montresor road which is looking good right now. you continue down to the beltway and that is looking good down in springfield with some volume northbound but not quite as heavy as we normally see. accident-free incidence on 395. police in utah say a woman who was held hostage for several days and a home was probably saved because of facebook.
6:52 am
police say she hid in a closet with a laptop and posted on facebook that she and her 17- month-old son would be dead by morning they were not rescued. someone called police and one of the neighbors say she is glad that facebook was there. >> another tool that is now available to people. i am not on that but all my nieces and nephews are on that. i could probably find somebody to helpmate. >> police can to the house and arrested the ex-boyfriend. the time is 6:53. you're watchin
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>> coming up -- the first contest in the 2012 presidential election takes place in one week. who will win? the front runners are almost neck-and-neck in iowa. we will have the latest on the tragic christmas fire in connecticut. the president got a mouth full during a visit with marines on christmas day as an eight-month year-old goes were no baby has gone before. the parents will join us live.
6:56 am
that is coming up next on gma. >> they thought they knew what was happening. for a quick last look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. 270 southbound at father hurley boulevard is clear of any delays and that is the case down to the beltway. we will have over to a map be spent on 66. it was an accident after route 50 blocking the right lane. will have some rain moving into town shortly after the morning commute and lasting through the drive home. we will have upwards of 1 inch in spots and 40 degrees will be the highs today. we will have cooler air tomorrow and warmer air by friday. >> have a good day.
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